Do you have personal or career goals that you’ve never achieved? Do you know what is holding you back from going for it?

This episode is about taking on adventures in life, whether personal or professional, & how to achieve your goals. It doesn’t really matter what your ‘Thing’ is, but if there’s a goal you want to achieve or a challenge you want to complete this year, then this is the podcast for you. Naomi discusses the 5 D’s of achieving your ‘Thing’ following her recent completion of a big personal challenge. She incorporates advice from others who’ve achieved their goals and hints & tips to help you on your journey.

This podcast is part of the career skills series helping you to go and get it in the workplace, and realise your career goals. Whether you want to move upwards, sideways, leap into a different path, or simply improve your current situation , this series has something for everyone. Check out the podcasts on negotiation, conflict resolution, networking, listening and self-reflection

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