This site isn’t really about us – even though we are veterinary women too – it’s about you. If you are a woman who works in veterinary practice, in any role, we hope the site has something to interest you. If it doesn’t, let us know and tell us what topics you want us to address.

We hope some of you have something to say on topics relevant to other veterinary women too. You can send us your posts, contributions or suggestions at info@veterinarywoman.co.uk

Perhaps you would like us to interview you about your experiences as a veterinary woman, or maybe you want to say something but remain anonymous. That’s all possible. Just contact us and we will do what we can to make it happen.

You might even be a man (gasp!) and interested in the viewpoint of veterinary women. And of course, if you are seeking to improve working conditions and get an insight into the mind of veterinary women, we hope this site will be a rich source of information.

While Veterinary Woman is an idea that we have lived with for several years before getting to this point, it’s still just a starting place. What do YOU want Veterinary Woman to do? What can YOU do? Help us give veterinary woman a voice by signing up for alerts and updates. By commenting, sharing and contributing you can support other veterinary women. And that’s something we can all celebrate.

Veterinary Woman….aspire, inspire, grow.