Networking – the elixir of life for some, the awkward anxiety-filled necessity for others. Love it or loathe it, building your network is key to building your career – especially if you’re looking to move upwards or outwards into a different field of work. For most of us, the word networking brings to mind excruciating events with the confident crowd laughing elbow to elbow in apparent ease, whilst others stand around in ones and twos looking awkward. If you’re anything like me, you hover near the canapes while praying for a familiar tap on the shoulder when someone you know happens to rock up.

But fear not! Networking, while a natural talent for some, can be a learned skill and made a lot easier with a few top tips. This episode has plenty of advice to help you feel more confident in approaching others that can help you, and how to build strong rapport with those you meet. When harnessed, networking is an incredibly powerful tool which can help you build true connections to accelerate and direct your learning and career progression.

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