“I have learned that in order to feel true success you need to be clear on your own vision of the future and work towards that.”

Clare’s impressive and varied veterinary career has been made possible through the support and mentoring she has experienced. These have enabled her to capitalise on her vision and drive. She has had the courage to take risks and overcome challenges along the way, while learning the importance of self-care to sustain a happy balance in life and work.

Big success involves big risk

Clare’s top success she says was having the courage to set up her business. “Having worked at Glasgow University for 18 years, I realised that I was half-way through my work life. I knew that academic progression would have meant moving further away from all the aspects of the job I enjoyed. I also realised that my intentions for what I wanted to achieve had been lost along the way and that the current role I held wasn’t working to take me closer to that vision. I had learnt so much in my time in university management and wanted to try and see if I could set up my own business. This was pretty scary – saying goodbye to a regular income, sick pay and pension.

Support is key

“I really feel though that we need to encourage the men that we work with to do more childcare responsibilities. It’s easy to criticise women for needing to leave early, but they wouldn’t need to if the fathers were leaving early instead! I never really thought to ask for help from other women and I wish I had made more connections so that we could all access the support we needed”.

Clare’s has some great resources and tools she’s learnt along the way available through her coaching website Hawk and Dove.