Jaclyn Whittal is the kind of woman we love: brave and fearless. She says ‘Yes’ to almost every opportunity that comes her way in life. This approach has led her down a winding career path involving Shania Twain, and a role as Sandy in the German version of Grease. Her current work is in television, as a meteorologist on the Weather Network in North America. She is also a presenter on Amazon Prime’s ‘Storm Hunters’, telling the stories of storm chasers in North America.

So Jaclyn is a storm chaser! She can be found racing after tornados, hurricanes and other severe weather systems.

She started her professional life as a singer and musician. And she was enjoyed success; performing in large musical theatre productions, writing music and releasing two rock albums. When nearing the age of 30, she decided there was something more out there for her. As a self-confessed “weather nerd” who was keen on a career in the media, she enrolled in a part-time Masters in meteorology. Her career has sky-rocketed from there. Jaclyn believes, she says, that everyone has three good careers in them. First musician, then storm chaser…listen in to see what she thinks could be next!

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