Goli Kolkhoran is an advocate of quitting your professional life if it’s not working for you. Graduating as a lawyer in the US, Goli was convinced she’d found her ideal career. Having to pay off huge student debts she went into corporate law. She then moved on to her ‘dream job’ of helping under-served communities in law. But she just wasn’t enjoying it.

The leap of faith to a new career – there’s never a right time!

Her biggest insight is that nobody is ready when they quit. You’ll wait for the rest of your life as things just won’t line up to make a safe switch. Need to take a leap of faith, which is always scary with associated risks. The fear is blown out of proportion. Once you get it in perspective and leap then you feel sense of liberation; it’s really not that bad and if worst comes to worst you can always go back and get another job.

Career jumps as a woman

There are lots of societal pressures on women – children, career, home – we hear a million different (often critical) voices. There is power in having your own quiet space outside the noise to really hear out what you want in life. Ignore what others are saying/doing/recommending. You also have to be okay with others not accepting or understanding your own decisions.

Goli’s a big advocate of the power of networking to explore your career fit. Have a listen to the networking career skills podcast to find out more.