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Dr. Andrea Jeffery, PhD, did not follow the typical path to become an RVN. She started her nursing career in the NHS where she trained as a human orthopaedic nurse. She then moved into veterinary nursing, going on to work at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket as senior nurse. This is where she first supported students through their training.

Championing veterinary nursing education

Andrea has been instrumental in developing further education and training programmes for veterinary nurses. She has worked on programmes with the College of Animal Welfare, the Royal Veterinary College and the University of Bristol.

My top successes have been to have had the opportunity to help change the veterinary nursing profession in small ways. Through educating hundreds of student nurses and I have hopefully instilled in them the need for excellent patient care and professional behaviours.

She has also completed her PhD, which looked at the factors which influence the retention of nurses in the profession.

Award-winning contribution to veterinary nursing

Andrea has been recognised as recipient of the BSAVA Bruce Vivash Jones Award for outstanding contribution to veterinary nursing. She has also been an elected member of the RCVS VN Council for 18 years.

I have learned that the small things do matter, and with momentum can lead to bigger, more impactful outcomes.

In April 2019, Andrea started work as Chief Nursing Officer with Linnaeus and a member of the executive board. Her work includes establishing a clear career development framework for the students and RVNs within the Linnaeus primary care and referral settings.

Family life and work

Andrea’s incredible career portfolio has been adapted to suit family life as a single mum.

As a single mum I have compromised on career opportunities at times in my life when it would have been detrimental to my children. However, it’s always important to reframe your perspective and reflect on what opportunities there are around you, and use those opportunities to improve your skill sets.

Read Andrea’s full career profile for more wonderful pearls of wisdom. Read how she has helped to shape training and career opportunities for veterinary nurses. Plus, a deeper insight into this remarkable woman’s career and life.

Never have regrets! Learn from the mistakes you make and help guide others when they appear to need a bit of extra support. And say ‘thank you!’ It means so much to feel appreciated.

Read Andrea’s full role model profile HERE.

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