Join us for a month tackling the taboos which affect many of our daily lives

We’re bringing challenging health topics to the fore throughout October and into November. Coinciding with national awareness campaigns, the series of live interviews, articles and surveys is aimed at exploring the impact on women – and indeed men and those identifying as other genders – affected by breast cancer, menopause, infertility and baby loss, and how we as a profession can better support individuals in the workplace. We’d love a wide range of stakeholders to participate, whether you’re personally affected or not. This is a series of conversations we all need to engage with.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1st -31st October Web article and Facebook Live session 8pm Wednesday 21st October with VetYourBreasts campaign organiser and veterinary surgeon Anna Beber.
  • Baby Loss Awareness Week 9th – 15th October; Web article and Facebook Live session 8pm 12th October with VetMINDS co-founder, vet Nat Scroggie. Watch back now here
  • World Menopause Day 18th October; Survey conducted in partnership with SPVS on the impact of the menopause on women in the veterinary profession, plus associated press release and web article. To take part in the menopause survey please click HERE before 31st October. Facebook live webinar with speaker Dr Karen Morton, Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and Medical Director of Dr Morton’s – the medical helpline© 7pm on Sunday 18th October
  • Fertility week 2nd – 5th November; Web article and Facebook Live session 8pm Monday 2nd November on the impact of infertility with SPVS Senior Vice President and Strategic Group Talent Partner at Pets at Home, Catriona Curtis.

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SPVS President, Anna Judson, said, “Having experienced the affects of the menopause working as a practice owner, I wish I had known more about the impact and that I was not alone in how I was feeling. There is a growing appetite to tackle these issues and we want to hear from anyone affected by the menopause, in order to put the right support mechanisms in place. We’re proud to sponsor the menopause webinar and partner with Veterinary Woman on raising awareness about health issues, which are often brushed under the carpet.” The survey is open to all members of veterinary teams, and all ages and genders, whether personally affected or not. Read more about the menopause in Anna’s article here.

We have already seen deep empathy and encouragement provided through the conversations on communities like Vet Mums, Vet MINDS and Veterinary Spoonholders. These groups are providing a platform for veterinary staff to talk about the impact of health challenges, particularly at work. The national women’s health campaigns in October are exactly the topics we need to talk about more as a profession, so a great opportunity to raise the profile of some of the hidden, emotive health challenges we bear throughout our life and work. We are looking to collaborate and help develop the conversations and practical assistance for individuals and practices, to better support those who are silently living with these burdens.

We recognise that while these issues affect women disproportionately, all genders may be affected. We welcome and actively encourage participation from men, those undergoing gender transition, and those who self-identify differently, such as gender fluid, agender or non-binary. The objective of this health campaign is to support all individuals affected. We aim to provide a platform for sharing personal experiences, advice and links to sources of information and support, and to look at how these issues affect all those working in the veterinary sphere. The hope is – through partnership and collaboration – resources for both employers and employees can be developed to support our life and work through a range of health issues. Please do get in touch to help us ensure wide representation and inclusivity.

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Health Month Article links:

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A HUGE THANKS to our partners for supporting Veterinary Women’s Health month:

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