Kerrie Hedley is one of those people who has already achieved a great deal in her career. Simply by following her passion and taking the occasional risk she’s had a rapid career trajectory. In this podcast, Naomi of Smashing the Ceiling talks to Kerrie about her career and work. After starting out in equine practice, she quickly developed interest in the business side of veterinary practice. Developing this interest within the XL Vets community, she went on to complete an MBA exploring the barriers to women in practice ownership. Kerrie’s career continues to go from strength to strength and she now works as Chief Operating Officer at XL Vets.

Women and practice ownership

Having reflected on her own journey, Kerrie goes on to share the key learnings from her MBA – especially the power of role modelling for encouraging fellow women to take the leap into leadership. Listen in to her great insights about facilitating accessibility to practice ownership and the outdated business models ingrained in the profession, which are simply not in keeping with how we live our lives. For a feminising profession, we need to take note in order to nurture strong leaders of the future.

Women as veterinary leaders

Kerrie is launching the second phase of her project in July 2020 with support from VMG. She’s expanding the conversation to include women leading in different spheres of the industry – from pharma to government. If you’re interested in getting involved let us know!

CPD for veterinary women

Veterinary Woman is hoping to collaborate with Kerrie and XL Vets in providing CPD for women in the profession to grow in their careers. Follow us on social for updates, or sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.