Jane Ladlow, soft tissue surgery specialist and Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) expert discusses juggling research, clinics, kids, dog breeders and teaching.

Jane’s passion for really understanding how to objectively measure the impact of surgical intervention in BOAS breeds inspired extensive and comprehensive research to standardise measurement and assessment. Her legacy has helped to improve the diagnosis and management for countless dogs, and helps vets to optimise treatment for these patients. She’s now on to the next phase of this important research, to measure the respiratory function of more brachycephalic breeds.

She talks about how juggling a young family with research led to inevitable strains, but how having the right support makes it do-able.

This refreshing and candid talk is fascinating both clinically and for the human aspect of working with institutions, breed societies, dog owners alongside managing relationships with friends and family. The key is understanding. And that is precisely what Jane’s research has helped us to establish in BOAS – a level of understanding for all stakeholders which was simply not possible before.