Dame Professor Uta Frith is a developmental psychologist and champion of women in science. She grew up in Germany where she developed a passion for science and mathematics. Uta arrived in London in the 1960’s at a time of liberation and exploration. Through her work at University College London she has changed the way both the scientific community and wider society view those with autism and dyslexia. Her ability to educate and break down barriers has paved the way for significant changes in education and health policy. Uta was the first scientist to really listen to those with autism and dyslexia and their families. Their first-hand input has impacted the theories she chose to research. Her work has been published in every major journal and she is one of the most highly regarded scientists of the last 50 years.

As a woman in a field dominated by men when she commenced her career, she is also passionate about improving the opportunities and support for women in science. She launched a network for female scientists in London several years ago and actively encourages women as much as she can.

Uta’s warmth, humour and enthusiasm for her subject is tangible, so you’re in for a treat!