Have you ever found yourself unsure of what to say or how to say it when you’re talking with people from marginalised communities? Many of us are worried about causing offence, or feel overwhelmed by the terminology around equity, diversity and inclusion.

To support veterinary professionals in developing inclusive communication skills, Affinity Futures has launched a thoughtful new course, “Introduction to Inclusive Terminology”. Tailored specifically for the veterinary workforce, the course has been developed by veterinary professionals from marginalised communities with many years of experience and expertise.

Everyone can benefit

The course is aimed at anyone in the veterinary field who wants to communicate more inclusively and respectfully with people from various marginalised communities. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to find the right words to reflect respect and understanding. The four modules represent over 90 minutes of CPD and cover the following areas:

  • EDI Terminology: Learn the differences between commonly used terms such as diversity, equality, equity and inclusion. Understand the impact of microaggressions on people from marginalised communities.
  • LGBT+: Learn the correct terms for addressing and understanding minority sexual orientations and gender identities. Understand the importance of normalising pronouns.
  • Race & Ethnicity: Learn what racism truly entails, including its various forms such as systemic, institutional, and interpersonal racism.  Understand the significance and impact of terms, and learn to avoid those that are outdated or offensive.
  • Disability, Chronic Illness, & Neurodiversity: Learn about the social and legal frameworks behind the concept of ‘disability’. Understand the respectful language around disabled people, people with chronic health conditions, and neurodivergent people.

Containing over 90 minutes of CPD, the course aims to help participants develop a deep understanding of the latest and most appropriate terminology and learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully, ensuring their interactions are inclusive.

Tobias Hunter, Co-Founder and Director of Affinity Futures, comments, “We want people to complete the course feeling able to approach conversations with marginalised communities with confidence, knowing that they are well-prepared to engage without causing unintended offence.”

Creating inclusive workplaces

Veterinary medicine is one of the least diverse and accessible professions in the United Kingdom. Discrimination and lack of awareness lead to isolating experiences and impact negatively on practice teams’ productivity, retention, and well-being.

Affinity Futures aims to improve opportunities, support, and resources for both the marginalised communities themselves and their allies in the veterinary profession. The organisation uses their unique insight and perspective gained from lived experience to facilitate meaningful change. 

“We want everyone to commit to fighting against discrimination in the veterinary profession,” continues Tobias. “We help by working with others to demonstrate with them how this can be achieved successfully, with respect, and without judgement. What we really want to do is help the vet professions create accessible and inclusive workplaces where everyone is valued.”

Affinity Futures are offering the course at a special launch price of only £19.99.

Find out more about Affinity Futures from their website: https://affinityfutures.com/

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