Webinar with Dr Karen Morton, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and women’s health expert. This webinar, sponsored by SPVS and RCVS Mind Matters, highlights the profound impact on the menopause on many women. Practical tips on how to talk about it, and mitigate the impacts both as an individual and within the workplace, are discussed.

The recent Menopause in the Veterinary Profession Report indicates the frequent and broad impact menopause can have for individuals. By engaging with this topic and supporting individuals in the workplace, we can help not only valued team members, but improve retention of talent within practices and the wider veterinary industry.

You can download and read the full survey here.

5 responses to “Menopause in the Veterinary Profession Webinar”

  1. Suzanne Gall says:

    Thank you for this excellent presentation. Having worked full time in the veterinary profession for twenty six years, having obtained a Cert VR, spent sixteen years as a partner and director of a veterinary practice (with three male fellow directors for ten of those years) and hitting severe symptoms at perimenapause (depression, anxiety, insomnia), I had no expectation that it would have such an affect on my career. It took CBT to make me understand was happening to me. I have worked part time at our branch practice and retired at 55. Luckily for me I am financially stable, having had no kids.

    • susan@companionconsultancy.com says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Suzanne – it resonates with so many others. There is help out there, but it’s so hard to access when we’re not supposed to talk about it! We’re hoping to build on this webinar to provide a suite of resources to help both individuals and employers to support their staff through menopause.

  2. Nicola says:

    This was a great seminar with some helpful information, especially the myth busting section. Great to see this sort of issue being talked about openly and supported by the veterinary profession.

    • susan@companionconsultancy.com says:

      Thanks Nicola! We have the opportunity in the veterinary profession to lead this discussion – how we can support women through menopause and keep us happier and healthier in our working lives. Here’s hoping we collectively grasp that opportunity.

  3. Jenny says:

    Really interesting, thanks. I’m 38 and had very little clue about what the menopause can involve! How crazy is that, so much more education needed!
    I also thought it was very interesting/telling that the research on CBT for hot flushes was done on men experiencing the side effects of prostate cancer treatment….it takes a few men experiencing issues to get interest in the funding of research!!

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